The Complete Guide to Clearing Your Browser History

Unless you’re new to the internet, you should know about browser history. Jokes about deleting your history are rampant, and for good reason. Everything you do on the net is tracked, from your websites, your search history, your preferences and cookies. This will tell people your browsing habits. You don’t want a friend, spouse, or family member to see your questionable browsing habits, so in this guide we’ll tell you ways you can clear your history automatically.We’ll cover all of the major browsers, so let’s first look at:

Firefox: How to clear history

If you want to clean your history manually, you can use this keyboard shortcut to do it. Ctrl+Shift+Del. To Clear All History box will be launched, and all you have to do is select what history you want to delete. You can delete recent searches, or delete everything since the beginning. Once you select what you want, click on Clear Now, and say goodbye to your history!

If you want your data cleared every time you close the browser, go to Firefox, click on Options, go to Privacy, and then you should check the box that says “Clear history when Firefox closes.” This should be at the end of the History part. The Settings option next to it allows for more customization. Just hit OK when you’re done.

Google Chrome. Clearing data

The shortcut to go to the menu that clears your data is the same as Firefox. Press Ctrl+Shift+Del, and you can alter what history you want deleted, and even set your own time frame. Afterwards, click on “Clear browsing data,” and it will be clean.

If you want to go to Chrome’s privacy settings to clean everything automatically, click on the wrench, then stings, and then look at Under the Hood.data_clearing_33 Go to Privacy and then click on Content Settings. Afterwards, go to the bar that says Cookes, and then click on “Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser.”

Chrome also allows you to click on Manage Exceptions, where you can put websites that you don’t want to be deleted. No longer do you have to worry about losing login data for all your sites!

Internet Explorer 9

The shortcut to delete your history is the same as the last two. Internet Explorer is limited in that you can’t delete data that’s recent only, but you can have an option to preserve your favorites, and everything is explained quite well.

If you want everything to be deleted when you close it, go to Tools and then select Internet Options. Head to the General tab, which is underneath Browsing History. Check the box that says “Delete browsing history on exit.” The Delete button allows you to change what you can delete, so you can make it all customizable. The Advanced tab can take it up another notch. Once you click on that, go to Security and choose to Empty Temporary Internet Files, which will clean those once you close your browser.


Browsing history is a concern for many reasons. You don’t want your friend seeing an embarrassing secret, nor do you want your kids to see certain websites. Spy software is another major concern these days! By deleting your history frequently, it not only prevents possible shame, but is a great security measure as well.

David Alexander

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