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MobiStealth Review of this Old Reliable Spy Software

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I’ve written this review for the purpose of explaining why Mobistealth is considered one of the most reliable spy programs out there. Being one of the oldest as well, I’m going to reflect on how it keeps up with its competition and its new features.

Hopefully, upon reading this review, you will have a much clearer idea about what this spy phone app can offer. As always, I’m reviewing the spy software which I have installed on my test phone.
Also, as usual, I’m not going to tell you flat-out if it’s best ever, since, in my opinion, there are no absolutes when it comes spy software. I can only provide you with my relatively objective view, and it’s up to you to draw a conclusion.

Mobistealth is in direct competition with another very popular spy app – mSpy software. have a very detailed review of mSpy on their website – a decent cell phone spy review site worth  a look if you want to compare.

Interesting Trivia About MobiStealth

I know, tradition doesn’t mean much when it comes to technology, but I find it interesting that this is one of the oldest cell phone monitoring apps, still going strong since 2003, and it managed to do that without changing its name even once.

mobistealth reviews

This feat is even more amazing when you remember that a lot scams simply change their name to distance themselves from bad press. Also, it’s made by a U.S. company based in Florida. This is significant because it is much more difficult to run a scam in the US, than in some small country with, shall we say, less than strict laws.

All financial transactions are carried out via PayPal, which bans all scams once it detects them. You won’t have to deal with shady broker sites and possibly lose your money in the process.

A good indication of how serious the company is, is their official website.

If you visit Mobistealth’s website , you will see that their website is regularly maintained and informative, and if you browse through it, you will an actual phone number, a real address and full contact information.

I don’t know about you, but running into these on a website has been a rare occurrence for me lately, so I applaud this. Also, they have A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and they have shipped more than 150,000 units. You will also find numerous user testimonials and mentions in the press, which indicates the status they enjoy.

Obviously, you’re not here to read about their website, but I’m using it to make a point. Yes, anyone can make a great website, write fake testimonials, or lie about their sales, but you can’t fake all of it.

Aside from the features, you should also be looking for a spy software company with a good reputation that you can place your trust in, which is often overlooked by most people. Great advertising doesn’t necessarily mean a good product, and there is a lot of junk out there.

The point is, Mobistealth is one of the most trusted and renowned monitoring programs on the market today. Let’s have a look at it and see how well it does its job.


This spy app supports a wide spectrum of cell phones and operating systems, and I’ll try and update this article in case new releases appear. Android tablet devices, as well as iPad, are also supported, provided that you match Mobi Stealth with a compatible version of the OS.

The list is not limited to just Android and iPhone/iPad. You can use this software on BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms, too.

They also make a very popular computer monitoring spy software.

Here’s a quick rundown of the supported operating systems:

  1. Android – all versions
  2. iPhone – up to   9.x.x
  3. BlackBerry – up to 7.1
  4. Windows Mobile version 6. Only
  5. Symbian – up to version 9.5

Apart from this list, take some time to visit their website for a full and regularly updated list of supported devices and operating systems.

The Main Spy Featuresspy app features

Like all top spy apps, this one provides you with all the basic monitoring features: text and call logging, emails, GPS tracking, web browsing history, video and photo files, and contacts. Mobistealth is unique because of how they arrange their pricing of packages that contain advanced features.

In essence, you can choose between two packages: the Standard package, to which you can add their Live Control Panel, which is sold separately in the shape of an add-on. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their Standard package includes many advanced features for which you would have to pay extra if you went with another spy app. The full featured package has 3 different term contracts available:

  • 3 months – $79.99
  • 6 months – $129.99
  • 12 months – $199.99

The package is their top of the range version which includes their call recording and offers the most advanced features. You will notice that it is a lot cheaper than its competitors. I’ll get into the advanced features provided by the Control Panel a bit later.

The Standard Package

I’ll get to the point straight away, because you get a bunch of stuff when choose their Standard Package.

Social Media and Messenger Monitoring
You can monitor Facebook and Twitter activity, as well as WhatsApp messenger, Windows Live, AOL, BlackBerry, GTalk, and iMessage for iPhone/iPad. That’s a lot of toys you get for no extra charge. Their list of supported social media sites and messengers is pretty decent.


BlackBerry Pin Messages – BlackBerry users will appreciate this.

Gmail – Email reporting

Apps Installed and App Blocking
Tells which apps are downloaded and installed to the target cell phone, and allows you to block the selected ones or all of them, without having to use the phone settings. You simply use the control panel.

Remote Controls
Allows for remote actions through the use of dashboard. This will let you lock or unlock the target phone, delete files, receive SIM card information, or, in case you want to quit monitoring, delete the spy software altogether.

Dashboard Information
This allows you to see all the information on the cell phone: OS version, the time of the last update, Wi-Fi settings and battery level. Your device of choice can be a PC, laptop, table or another cell phone – it doesn’t matter. It will work.

Once again, you get all of these as part of the Standard package, without having to pay extra. Now, let’s get back to the Premium Plus package.

  • Call recording – for Android devices – calls can be recorded!
  • Record Phone Surroundings – Allows you to use the target phone as a bugging device.
  • Logs by Email – You can set it up to send some or all logs from the dashboard to your email account.

That’s not all of them, but you get the general idea. Most users won’t need these advanced features. Note that some features are phone or OS specific. BlackBerry Pin Messages Monitoring will not work on Android, obviously.

Mobistealth Online Demo

You should take a look at the Demo account they have set up on their official website, which allows you to get a taste of operating an online dashboard. They’ve updated it fairly recently, with everything being laid out more clearly and much easier to find.

They also give out discounts if you purchase multiple licenses, which is something that will be welcomed by small businesses or parents monitoring their children.

Before You Buy

I always end my reviews contemplating if the spy software I have tested is the best, and I always give the same answer: it depends on your needs.

As for Mobistealth cell phone spy – it is great piece of software which has a lot going for it, namely support and reliability, and, most of all, great value for money. In fact, it is probably the best choice for those who are getting into the spy software world for the first time.

When compared to mSpy it lacks a few features and social media monitoring features but, on the other hand, it is significantly cheaper – and offers call recording for Android. Mobistealth is constantly adding new features to catch up with their competitors, and they have overtaken many of them in the process.

If you remember, at the beginning I talked about how important it is to find reliable software from a company you can trust. MobiStealth is the very essence of that, and I can only advise that you give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

The 5 Personal Details That Google Can Learn About You

google secrets and tips

When it comes to search engines, the majority of us pick Google as our trusted way of browsing the web. After all, it’s reliable, and it has many features that can make our online experience as easy as possible. But Google has a few dark secrets, and one of them being that it collects information about the people who use it.

This makes sense. After all, most free services cost nothing because the users are the product. Facebook is the epitome of this. These multi-billion corporations aren’t running on charity, so they data collect information about you.

Worried About Spy Software?

So much buzz lately has focused on so called spy software. It seems like everyone has an opinion and is worried about the rise in these apps that can track your mobile devices and see private data.

The thing is that with this kind of monitoring the software has to be installed directly on the target phone or computer – so someone has to actively target you! Reflex Software has a couple of good articles about the top spy phone software programs – have a look to see what I’m talking about.

Google doesn’t target people individually in this way but it is arguably just as intrusive and much more of a broad net.

Of course, for Google to know information about you, you have to use Google and type in the information. What do they know about you? Is there any reason for you to be paranoid, or is everything in good hands?

The Demographic is You

A business has to figure out everything about their target customers if they want to succeed, and Google google secrets and tipsdoes exactly that. Your age, sex, location, all of that is important. A business that appeals to senior citizens isn’t going to care what the youth is up to, and newspapers will offer stories that only their readers will care about, important or not.

For the UK, for instance, there’s a newspaper known as The Sun that has an audience of about six million. Over a third of them are the key demographic, known as ABC1. These are people who have high paying jobs, and it’s great for potential advertisements. This is why Google does what it does. It needs to make ads to suit you, so you can be interested in what you have to offer.

Interests All Around

If you have a Google account and have your web history turned on, this is how you’re a target. All your searches, no matter the device, will be monitored. While Google accounts are important, they don’t need it to know everything about you. Your computer does store information known as cookies, which chronicle what sites you go to so that it can grab data when you return to that site. Cookies can help websites who only allow a certain number of services per day to see how many you’ve used up.

Google will harness this data in order to figure you out. It looks at your sites and how long you waste your time on them, which links you click the most, how long you stay on the page, and much more. Your most visited websites will be shown every time you open Chrome as well.

They do this so they can advertise to you. While it’s nifty seeing personalized ads, they do this so they can make more money from you.

Google Sees Your Location

We all have used Google Earth and saw our home, but this doesn’t mean Google Earth knows you live in there. Instead, they know your location with your IP address. You should be familiar with your IP, but if you’re not, it’s basically a number that is sent from your ISP to see whatever device you use to go online. Google can track down the exact location where you’re surfing as a result, and give you results that are closer to where you live.

Google Maps can look at your location as well, if you tell it to. If you select My Location, it will detect where you are in order to give you directions from your location to wherever it is you need to go. It’s convenient, but it may be a privacy concern for some.

Your Gmail Has a Secret

Gmail can scan every single one of your emails to give you better search results as well as ads. You may question the legality of this, but you’re using their services, and thus you’ve agreed to their rules. While you may have not read the terms and conditions, is says so right in them that:

Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored.

It’s not kept safe inside their servers, however, the NSA can grab your information, and the UK government can as well. They do this to find terrorists, but it’s a fruitless cause, since a terrorist would use more secure service to communicate.

Did you know that some spy apps can hack your Gmail accounts without you knowing?

Google Knows When You Use the Net

Google can see when the best time to advertise to be. It knows what time you’re on and what day you’re on the most, and even though this one should be obvious, many overlook it. They’ll target you based on events, such as offering you weight loss products after the holidays, and they can use trends to market to you.

What Should You Do About This?

Google does have an option in their settings to limit what they can sell to third parties. If you go to your account, you can use the dashboard and see what they can limit. It doesn’t stop data collection, but it will be sold less.

In addition, you can clean your cookies and change up settings on social media, and make sure you delete all personalized results. The best way to stop Google, however, is not to use it. Search engines such as Duckduckgo do not track you, and if you feel like Google has too much information about you, you can use this instead.

Of course, some people don’t mine their personal info out there, and would rather trade some of their privacy for personalized search results. This is why Google succeeds, is because they deliver what you’re looking for. Ironically enough, their entire purpose brings in the most controversy. So if you feel like you have nothing to hide, keep using Google. If you want privacy, then use another search engine.

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