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Developing a recognized brand used to be a job solely reserved for advertising agencies with huge budgets. If you had a product you wanted to sell, or a service you provided and you wanted to promote it, it was simply a matter of paying a certain amount of money to ad agencies and their marketing experts would promote your brand via ads in the newspapers, on radio or TV – the three dominant mediums.

When the internet developed, it took a while for advertisers to catch up and realize the potential that lay in online advertising. When the number of people that were online skyrocketed, there was no doubt as to whether or not online marketing made sense. Best of all, online marketing doesn’t require millions of dollars to successfully establish a brand. You can still do that, since it doesn’t hurt to spend a bit more to have a more aggressive campaign, but it all comes down to creativity and proper SEO. Now even small businesses can create real brands – to their advantage – and at minimal cost.

I got into online marketing a few years ago when the whole thing was taking off, helping small businesses develop a brand and increase their sales. One of the projects I have been working on is a website that provided information for those looking to have careers in medicine – specifically nursing careers – check it out here. It features all the essential data one might require, with a detailed breakdown of various specialty nurse salaries across the states. Right from the start the owner wanted to create a branded image for the site.nurse case study

A Step by Step Approach

The first thing I improved upon was the page’s SEO elements, to make it more search engine-friendly. I did that by setting up a blog where content was posted on a regular basis, and also by incorporating interactive charts and tables. Also, I set up Facebook, Twitter and Muckrack accounts in order to spread awareness about the website throughout social networks. I have also set up a YouTube channel, where videos would be posted; sharing all the crucial information the readers might like to hear. All of this is really easy to do and it is important to create a real presence across the main social platforms.

One of the most important reasons for maintaining the social side of the site is to provide the opportunity to network with other sites and businesses in this space. Connecting with similar websites and exchanging links helped a great deal with the growth and profile of the site. The website’s traffic has increased 20% already, and it will continue to grow in long term.

It took a while, but I think that most are beginning to realize how powerful of a medium the internet can actually be. Taking advantage of the potential that social networks have to offer is a major part of the puzzle. The potential for growth is virtually unlimited, and new social networks are appearing every day, presenting new opportunities to reach out and form alliances. Each of them bring something new to the table, and those who are in the internet marketing world have to keep up constantly if they want to keep the edge.

Perhaps the best thing about developing a brand online, is that is costs only a fraction of the money one would spend to develop a brand and market a product or a service on mainstream media such as television. My opinion is that this is only the beginning, and that in the next 10-15 years, we will see the focus of marketing being shifted towards the internet completely, with new ways of promotion and advertising constantly being invented. The social interaction is of course only one element of the jigsaw that is online marketing – but a very productive element if used well.

David Alexander

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